Friday, 23 January 2015

Much Ado About Nothing

      I've lived a little, I've laughed a little, I've loved a little, I've learned. I can't quantify how much I've learnt because learning is infinite so here goes can stop now because I'm about to be really boring. 
    1.  I've learnt that it's important to have people on your side that you can trust unconditionally.
2. I've learnt to be forgiving of myself and others, to say please and thank you.
3. I've learnt that it's important to have a goal and it's also super important to work towards it and review it.
4. I've learnt that it helps to think carefully and write down your views about life issues and change them only after deep reflection.
5. I've learnt that family is everything you need to survive in this world. I've learnt that family will always stand by you no matter what. I've learnt that family can also include friends.
6. I've learnt that the power of friendship is wonderful and I dare say that the best type of angels come in the form of friends.
7. I've learnt that there is a time for everything and life doesn't need to be rushed. Everything will come in due time or in due time, you can go for everything.
8. I've learnt that I can never doubt my mum's love for me.
9. I've learnt that no one should make your decisions for you. You should make your own decisions and stick to them.
10. I've learnt that standing up for your convictions no matter how difficult is necessary.
11. I've learnt that everyone needs some guiding principles - be they the ten commandments from the Bible or Quran or wherever, just something you should try to live by.
12. I've learnt that you can stand up for yourself and choose to not be side-lined, this is perfectly okay.
13. I've learnt that you should not be saddled with insecurities especially about things you cannot change.
14. I've learnt about the good, the bad and the ugly....that life is especially  beautiful when you care about others.
15. I've learnt that surely we harbour happiness within us, sometimes we only need to just unlock it and let it gush out.
16. I've learnt that it's okay to ask for help, that doesn't make you any less of a person.
17. I've learnt that sometimes we may fail or fall but we got to get up and keep moving forward, the stream of life is ever flowing and we can't afford to be stagnant.
18. I've learnt the art of fearlessness in the pursuit of all that I want because I (we) can do just about whatever.
19. I've learnt that all human beings are equal and we should never look down on anyone, never.
20. I've learnt that it's important to appreciate good music, they are kola nuts for the soul.
21. I've learnt that having a good relationship with your parents will help you in the long run.
22. I've learnt that it's okay to be alone at times.
23. I've learnt that people should not always be taken at face value - trust is something that should be earned.
24. I've learnt that it doesn't hurt to say "I'm sorry" no matter how difficult.
25. I've learnt that life should be taken with a smattering of sugar alongside salt, the fun and sensible can go hand in hand.
26. I've learnt about laughing hard until you want to cry. I've learnt that wherever there is laughter, there is a cornucopia of joy and you don't have to take life too seriously.
27. I've learnt to sing my favourite songs at the top of my lungs. Life is not long enough to worry about if you sound like a frog.
28. I've learnt that I can be comfortable in my own skin.
29. I've learnt to shut up and listen to others irrespective of how wonderful my voice is :)
30. I've learnt that unlearning a lot of things is a constant process. I've learnt that I'm going to have to keep on learning.

PS: Life is short, wear your highest heels and enjoy every moment or at least try to.
For some reason, before an important birthday I wanted to share my thoughts on the little I've learnt simply by virtue of being a human being.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

To Love Or Not

Yes, I said it. Love isn't a unicorn. Someone would ask me now, "What is love?". Hian! After all your years in secondary school and university, you still don't know the meaning of that simple word? To be fair, neither do I. And o you believer, I'm not talking about Christ's love, brotherly/sisterly love or parental love. I'm talking about....oh well you know what I mean.
         Now that's settled, I think love is when you can see yourself putting someone else before yourself . It's when you can wake up in the morning or in the middle of the day while you are busy at work and smile and feel happy because of the simple fact that they exist. It's when you can overlook the little things society says matter- Is he 6ft tall? - nope he's 5 feet. Does she have D cups? - nope, none. Your friends don't think she's pretty or he's rich enough, but you still don't care. Love is when you can't go a day without thinking happily about the person, even if for a fleeting second. It's when you are eager to see the person succeed or whatever would make them happy, you'd be happy for them as well. It's when you are willing to sacrifice for another without even thinking about the consequences most times. It's when you can remove every physical attribute you like about the person and realize they still have a special place in your heart. It's when you are mad and angry but there's still this fuzzy warm feeling you have because love covers a multitude of sins. Love is contentment. It is not blind because it can see the shortcomings of another and realize this doesn't diminish the person. Love thinks about others. Love is considerate. Love is accepting of so-called imperfections. Love understands that imperfections are what make you perfect. Love doesn't want to hurt another in any way. Love hopes for the best.  Love strives to be better. Love knows when it is not appreciated or returned. Love is forgiving and Love knows when to move on.
          I still don't know how to define love. It's a word that can't be boxed into a three-line definition (but you can try to).  It's one of those words that has no synonym because it is all encompassing. It is not one emotion. It is everything beautiful in one.
          Now, go into the world and fall in love. :)