Saturday, 19 September 2015

Message From A Mini-Skirt Wearer

Message From A Mini-Skirt Wearer

           See ehn, I don't know why I'm writing this. I don't like to preach to anyone or blab inspirational stuff. I'm the last person that would walk up to you to read to you from the Gospel. If you know me, you'll know that I'm not the one. The reason for this disclaimer is so no one will see me walking down the street and start quoting the scriptures to me when I'm wearing my hot mini-skirt. 

           Anyway, even mini-skirt wearing, occasional cleavage-showing ladies do open their Bibles (even if na by mistake). I was once innocently listening to my One Republic while browsing through pictures of the goddess Rihanna on Instagram. To be honest, I was just appreciating the goodness of my new phone and downloading the requisite apps like the Bible of course so no one would call me a pagan. I even went the extra mile to download different versions. As it so happens, I happened to flip to a letter my lover Paul wrote to Galatians. I unabashedly love Paul and I think Galatia is a beautiful name for a city. So I really wanted to know what he had to say especially when he opened with "Live creatively, friends."  I was interested in knowing more about his friends particularly if there were any female ones. 

           I continued reading and well I struck a cord with verse 4 to 5 of Galatians Chapter 6. Luckily, because I'm not sure I could have gone any further.  I got to a line where the scripture categorically said, "Dont compare yourself with others."  In my mind I was like , 'Word!' ....(of God of course.)


         It's really easy to get lost in the deep sea of comparison. Parents compare their kids to others and mostly this comparison is in a negative light. "Edward, why is your head so big? Why can't it be as small as Junior's own?" Oh well, and other sturvs like that.  That's another story though. A more realistic one is when you look around and everyone is in Chapter 13 and you're still in Chapter 3. It's pretty easy to lose focus and throw in the towel.  You put yourself in a state of unnecessary  pressure trying to keep up with others. If you fail, depression could ensue. This is probably highly far-fetched but I really just want to say that eventually this depression could lead to breast cancer as a friend once said (Identify yourself). This paragraph is probably highly erroneous and steeped in fake-deepness. 

           One thing remains unmistakably true at least. "Don't compare yourself with others." The best thing is no be me talk am. I have to say this lastly, please please I am not a preacher just in case you still see me wearing my mini-skirt.



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I'm not sure who that friend is but. It sounds like he is wise as f..


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