Tuesday, 9 December 2014

       I'm about to be really boring right now but I need to share a life lesson I learnt when I was in a dark place and couldn't summon the courage to do anything probably because I couldn't for the life of me see the point. To put it simply, I was in a funk so here goes nothing.
       A lot of times the problem is not the number of hurdles we have to jump over to get to our destination. It's rarely even about how many days it takes to build Rome because Rome sure as hell wasn't built in a day. It's never about how high we have to climb because almost everyone wants to get to the summit.
          It's more about that first hurdle that we have to jump over, that first step - the one that sets our journey in motion. It's always difficult to take that first climb up Mountain Everest or lay a brick to the foundation of our figurative Rome. The problem therein is mustering up the courage to make that initial move in the right direction.
          We find it fairly easy to see the grand plan from a distance, that beautiful finish line and the applause when the curtains close. It is however  not so easy to get up on that stage but when you dare to, it's only gonna be uphill from there (at least that's what I want to believe). Even when it seems like you're going downhill, you are actually getting into a better..... or the best position for another climb which will be worth it.
          The key thing is to know where you are headed and have that initial courage to get on track and realize that failure is always an option, just one that you can't afford to take.


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Wow.... nice one.

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